Teaching kids about God

I think the title says it all, it’s pretty much a command so if you do as you are told I can stop writing and leave you to teaching your kids as commanded.

But sadly it is not done as much as it should be. Our busy lives in broken homes with pressures that shroud God in clouds of darkness allowing His peace, love and grace to minister stop many Christians from even saying “Hi” to God on a daily basis, and if there is no time for “hi” how on earth can they make time to teach their kids? You have to make time, it is as simple as that.

Romans 10:17 says “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” And from a young age this simple act of getting into the Word of God can be taught and made a habit rather than a chore. Teaching about God, how his Son died for the sins of the world, the miracles performed and of course the well-known stories of Noah and his Ark, David and Goliath and the Garden of Eden is something that fertile young minds will soak up like a sponge.

Many parents find this teaching a chore but it is not, as a parent you yourself need nourishment from God and teaching your own kids or even other kids helps you grow too. It’s not just teaching the Ark, Goliath and Eden, because that is where many parents stop but it is about teaching right from wrong and learning together, you yourself are a Child of God and as a Child you always need to learn. The Book of Kings is a superb “novel” full of battles, kings who did well, kings who did wrong and so much that can teach your child so much that is missing in society today.

Sitting down with a good book is something your children and children of years gone by have always loved. But as soon as you mention “Bible” the fascination goes, but it need not. Open your bible on just about any page you will find a teaching through a story, for that is what the bible is, it is a library of true and very real stories that demonstrate how God can literally move mountains, put a smile on a face where there was once sadness and even bring people back from the dead. Why is the bible then any different to any other story book?

The process of teaching is one thing but the real importance comes from the value the teaching brings. Your teaching or even “Bible Story time” does precisely as Romans 10:17 says. Not only will your child learn at an early age that the God we serve is an almighty God, a kind God and generous God but your child will begin to experience the blessings of God, you as the teacher will begin to experience the blessings of God and you will grow closer as parent and child and together closer to God Himself.

You may say “I don’t have time” but Romans 10:17 pretty much says that you need to make time because there is no other way. God will bless the time you have with your child, He will bless the child, bless you and bless the world around you. Your world will settle down, God will take control, you will look forward to the teaching time you have with your child and the more you have the more you will want as a hunger to get to the next chapter sets in. Lessons will be taught, not as at school with exams and pop quizzes but through hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ.

Matt Newnham is a Christian, Writer and Speaker. He is a single father and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Matt is passionate about life and success and his ability to touch the heart of readers has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA and on his Facebook Page